Carlos Quintanilla's Found a New Delicious Target For Protest: Plano-Based Frito-Lay

Oooh, just got a press release about an "informational protest" scheduled from 4-6 afternoon at a 7-Eleven close to my house -- the one at Marsh and Forest Lanes, to be precise, as it's apparently "the largest distributor of Frito Lay products." Where? In Northwest Dallas? Texas? The world? The picketers aren't mad at 7-Eleven, but, rather, Plano-based Frito-Lay, namesake of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Arizona. Looks like Carlos Quintanilla and his Accion America, not to mention LULAC and some of those behind this month's MegaMarch (nice new video here), want Frito-Lay to pull out of the Fiesta Bowl -- "in light of the hateful, discriminatory and un-American legislation passed in the State of Arizona."

Says this Web site, protests are planned every Thursday Frito Lay HQ on Legacy Drive and at the Irving distribution plant till CEO Al Carey takes his chip out of the Arizona dip. And it sounds like Quintanilla's calling for a boycott too, since "Hispanic Immigrants spend billion of dollars on Frito Lay products which include: Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos, Sabritos, Lays Potato Chips and Salsa Dips." What -- no SunChips? Expected to join this afternoon's protest: the still-plenty-pissed Frito Bandito.

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