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Complete the Streets! And Sell Executive Airport While Yer At It! A Liveblog In Progress.

Afternoon, Friends. Thanks for tuning into today's liveblog of the Transportation and Environment Committee meeting up here in City Hall, during which we'll hear about plans to market the Dallas Executive Airport and Dallas's Complete Streets Initiative.

Things kicked off late because the Quality of Life Committee meeting ran overtime -- animal advocacy folks will want to note that yes, that committee has put off voting on reductions and specials in Dallas Animal Services animal adoption fees until they've heard more from the Animal Shelter Commission, which has not yet had time to weigh in on the plans. It'll come back up on agendae in January.

Now, on to matters at hand: getting the word out about Dallas Executive Airport, where the Dallas Airport System hopes to increase traffic and revenue. Assistant City Manager A.C. Gonzalez gave the presentation, which detailed plans to increase takeoffs and landings, but also events and gatherings held at the airport. For example, the airport hosted a Boy Scout "Camporee" and is initiating a "Young Eagles" program that introduces kids to aircraft and pilotry. They're also hosting more corporate meetings at the facility.

Gonzalez says they want to market "in a much more scientific way" using market research from TxDOT, collaboration with the Department of Economic Development and more coordination with fixed-base operators.

You may be surprised to hear that the Dallas Executive Airport hopes to take advantage of that little football game they're playing here in February.

Gonzalez notes, with some pride, that DEA is the closest airport to Cowboys Stadium outside the 10-mile no fly zone, and that this is reflected on the Super Bowl Host Committee's website, on which the DEA has a page. The future is here, you guys!

DEA will be offering some "special services" during the Super Bowl, including de-icing. Which I didn't know was "special" and is more like "totally necessary," but maybe the possibility of dying in a plummeting, icy hail of metal is part of the fun of the Super Bowl. Maybe.

Then, it was time for the committee to ask questions. Join me for updates in the comments. Tennell Atkins got firsties.

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