Cotton Bowl to Jerry Jones: Take, Um, That?

Sad that the proud ol' joint is being saddled with Division II football.

Seems every week we’re learning what $1.1 billion (with a B) will buy. A Super Bowl here. An NBA All-Star Game there. Throw in some classic college football rivalries and a Big 12 Conference Championship Game.

But today we’re getting a peak – courtesy of our ol’ Cotton Bowl – at what $50 million (with an M) will get you.

Can’t believe there’s not a breaking press conference on ESPN, because news comes bolting out of Ada, Oklahoma this afternoon that on Oct. 18 the venerable Dallas stadium will host … wait for it … wait …

East Central State (Okla.) vs. Texas A&M-Commerce!

Because nothing justifies slapping $50 million worth of lipstick on a pig like Division II football, huh?

Cotton Bowl and State Fair officials are still working on a future Texas Tech-Oklahoma State game, but for 2008 we can lick our chops in anticipation of Texas-OU on Oct. 11, sandwiched between ECS-A&M-Commerce and the annual Grambling-Prairie View classic on Oct. 4.

That sound you here is Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Laughing.

UPDATE: Dallas' Only Daily chimes in a day late with, um, nothing really. -- Richie Whitt

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