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Dallas Desire Prospects: Lookin' Good!

Because I'm home making elaborate plans for my sweetie's Valentine's dinner - or something - I had to (grudgingly) send intern Kelly Knickerbocker out to scope the Dallas Desire wannabes in Grand Prairie. Kelly, what'd I miss?

Today at QuikTrip Park a group of beautiful - and surprisingly tough - young women were breathing life into the old adage "anything boys can do, girls can do better".

Okay, maybe better is a stretch. But hotter? Oh yeah.

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To ogle research the candidates a little closer, all you gotta do is click our slideshow.

"That's my girl," proud boyfriend Kris Smith shouts.

He's just witnessed his main squeeze, Lacey Goosen, catch a football and sprint for a decent gain, flattening an iron-bodied chick in the process.

"That's right, baby, run her over!" he yells. "She deserves something special for that. I'm going to take her out for ice cream later."

The Lingerie Football League is set to kickoff its inaugural season on Sept. 4, but today was all about making the team - and looking pretty while you try. Although the ladies didn't don their racy intimates, their hot pink sports bras and short-shorts gave the impression that there's a lot to look forward to this season.

Upwards of 30 women, some ready for the intensity and others expecting Powder Puff Football, went through scrimmages, sprints and tackling drills in hopes of being added to the Dallas Desire's active squad.

Even though only 12 roster spots need to be filled, no claws came out today. After individual drills each woman received a round of applause from the other ladies and coaches. Aw, how sweet!

Just you wait, though, I'm sure we'll see plenty of woman-wrath during the season.

The league's founder, Mitchell Mortaza, said the Dallas prospects did a phenomenal job. He said that they'd all be receiving phone calls tonight with news on whether or not they made the team.

"I have been really impressed," Smith said. "A couple of these girls are really good and a few of them can really throw."

The best part? Full contact, baby.

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Kelly Knickerbocker