Dallas Named One of America's Worst Counties for Health Coverage

In the past several weeks, Republicans have increased their steady barrage against the Affordable Care Act, but conservatives aren't the only ones putting out propaganda. The liberal Center for American Progress Action Fund published a report on Thursday highlighting the benefits of Obamacare, particularly for poor people.

The report, like those churned out by the other side of the aisle, is a distinctly partisan document, charging that many Republicans have "abandoned their responsibility to assist constituents and refuse to recognize that their constituents include the uninsured and families who will benefit immensely when the health care marketplaces go into effect in January 2014."

It proves this by compiling a list of the 30 worst counties when it comes to health coverage. Dallas County is the largest. Nearly a third of the population, 31 percent, is uninsured. That number jumps to nearly 45 percent for non-elderly adults. The county ranks sixth from the bottom in the percentage of working-class families with health coverage.

On the bright side, Dallas County isn't the only humongous county with terrible healthcare, nor is it the worst. That title belongs to Miami-Dade, Florida, the only other county on the list with a population greater than 1 million. So, there's that.

(Note: We originally said the Center for American Progress had produced the report. It was actually the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the think tank's affiliated lobbying arm.)

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Eric Nicholson
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