Dallas Police Arrest Couple for Murder Caught On Video

Police say the man on the left is Hakeem Griffin-White, just before he shot Drekeiston Alex.
Police say the man on the left is Hakeem Griffin-White, just before he shot Drekeiston Alex. Dallas Police Department via Facebook
Hakeem Griffin-White and Ashley Coleman are in Dallas County jail, Dallas police reported Monday,  for allegedly murdering Drekeiston Alex last Thursday. The shooting was caught on a surveillance video. The pair allegedly discussed the crime on social media, and police found a deleted video in which the couple talked about shooting someone.

Their arrests seemed inevitable.

According to the Dallas Police Department, witnesses saw Alex, 19, walking in the 4800 block of Sunnyvale Street on Thursday afternoon. Police say Griffin-White, 17, began to pursue Alex. The two began arguing before Griffin-White pulled a gun from his athletic pants and shot Alex. Griffin-White then got into a red Chrysler PT Cruiser, police say.

The red PT Cruiser
Dallas Police Department
After being shot, Alex ran away as far as he could before collapsing. Witnesses called 911, and Alex was taken to Baylor Medical Center, where he died.

Cops arriving at the scene quickly found surveillance video of the murder, which they edited so as not to show the murder itself and shared with the media and followers of DPD's social media channels.

Shortly after posting photos of the PT Cruiser and the video, DPD received multiple tips that the car belonged to Coleman, 27. Friday afternoon, police found the car at an address provided by a witness. Before they were able to do anything, however, the car took off, followed by a U-Haul truck, police said.

Cops eventually lost the PT Cruiser, but they were able to pull the U-Haul over. The driver told police that he'd been flagged down in downtown Dallas at about 4 p.m. Thursday by a man and a woman in a red PT Cruiser. The pair told the man they were moving and offered to pay him to help them move.
click to enlarge Ashley Coleman - DALLAS COUNTY JAIL
Ashley Coleman
Dallas County Jail

Police continued to watch the address where they'd spotted the PT Cruiser leave. Eventually a white sedan pulled up, and a woman got out before returning to the car. The car drove off, and police followed. Officers pulled the car over and Coleman jumped from a passenger seat and ran, eluding police. The driver of the car told officers police that a woman she didn't know had paid her to drive her to the house and then take her elsewhere to pick up her red PT Cruiser. The driver then took police officers to the car, which was impounded.

Sunday, police arrested Coleman and Griffin-White at an undisclosed location. Over the weekend, social media accounts belonging to the couple had posted about the murder.
As of late Monday afternoon, Coleman's Facebook still touted these denials. - ASHLEY COLEMAN VIA FACEBOOK
As of late Monday afternoon, Coleman's Facebook still touted these denials.
Ashley Coleman via Facebook
Another screengrab. - ASHLEY COLEMAN VIA FACEBOOK.
Another screengrab.
Ashley Coleman via Facebook.
Coleman's alleged accomplice was posting, too. - HAKEEM GRIFFIN-WHITE VIA FACEBOOK
Coleman's alleged accomplice was posting, too.
Hakeem Griffin-White via Facebook
Despite their denials in several written posts, police also said they discovered a video, now deleted, which showed the two talking about shooting someone and handling ammunition.

Coleman and Griffin-White are both charged with capital murder. Their bails have been set at $500,000 each.
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