Do Not Panic, Expo Park: Bar of Soap Is Not -- Repeat, Not -- Closed

A curious note in the in-box this a.m. from Tanna Gilder, wife of the legendary Charlie -- man behind Circle A Ranch, the Twilite Room and, of course, Bar of Soap. Has to do with some kind of "misunderstanding" between the owner of the Exposition Park building -- Lou Reese, who died over the weekend, and Madison Partners -- and the Gilders. Seems it came to a head yesterday, leading to further misunderstandings.

Larry Vineyard, Madison's president, confirms this morning that there are "legal things going on, but I can't get into them." Which is why Tanna wants the note passed along: "Many people think that Bar of Soap is closing. Word is running rampant that we are closed. Bar of Soap is open for business." --Robert Wilonsky

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