DPD Cars to Go Back in Black-and-White

We're, oh, about four hours away from getting a sneak peek at the new Dallas Police Department cars -- that's when the city council's Public Safety Committee treks down to the DPD Basic Training Center for the unveiling of the new ride that's been parked in the HQ basement for the past week. Till then, this is all we know per a memo (scroll down to the last page) sent this morning to the committee: Beginning next year, DPD's ditching the blue ride and going old-school black-and-white.

How come? Well, for several reasons, says the missive, chief among them, "National studies have shown that police vehicles painted in this manner are more 'visible' to the community in which they serve." And: Black-and-white's cheaper than blue: The current blue body-wrap decal runs around $945, says the memo, while black-and-white decals plus installation "costs approximately $325." And: "Tradition has ingrained citizen perception that a black and white vehicle is a police vehicle." And: They're just more kick-ass.

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Robert Wilonsky
Contact: Robert Wilonsky