Fit 'n Foxy 'n Footbally? Well Then, Dallas Desires You!

If you're a hot, young chick with a fit body - who am I kidding? - you probably don't read this testosterone-saturated blog.

But you should. Especially if you also like football.


Because it's right here that I'll point you toward your big chance in the Lingerie Football League. The LFL's Dallas franchise - the Desire, natch - is holding an open tryout tomorrow to fill its roster with 12 lovely ladies who don't mind accessorizing their lipstick with eye black and running around chasing each other in nothin' but pads and panties.

LFL officials and scouts will be at Grand Prairie's QuickTrip Park on Friday to put prospective players through offense, defense and special teams drills. And, of course, to give them the long, leering once-over. Check-in is at 10 a.m. Tryouts from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

The dirty dozen winners will take part in the Desire's official team photo shoot Saturday afternoon and then receive a red-carpet introduction to Dallas Saturday night at 10 at the downtown trendy club, Purgatory.

I'm wondering if the multiple champion Dallas Diamonds will be there to try to kick some Desire ass? I'm wondering if I could watch?

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