"Fuck You, Texas" -- The Daily Show Responds to Rick Perry's Pitch to New Yorkers

Last month, Rick Perry unveiled a one-minute ad trashing New York for its high taxes and excessive regulations and inviting its people and businesses to come down to the Lone Star State. Comedian Lewis Black fires back today with a profanity-laced rejoinder, which you'll find at ("Paid for by New Yorkers who think Texas blows.")

"This is New York: the city that never sleeps," Black narrates as the camera cuts from skyscrapers to an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse sea of faces. "People come here from all over the world for the freedom to live as they choose, for the variety of cultures -- but most of all for the fact that it's not Texas."

Among New York City's many advantages over Texas:

-"You say everything's bigger in Texas? We have a 300-foot green beacon of liberty. You have" -- cut to Big Tex -- "a whatever the fuck this thing is."

-"You can have a slice of pizza with sushi on top -- for breakfast."

-"You say we've got too much regulation? We've got Wall Street. They break the law for a living, and never get punished."

-"New Yorkers go to the bathroom wherever they want. We love the smell of urine. It smells like freedom."

Cut back to the parade of diverse faces, this time raising a middle finger to the camera and saying, "Fuck you, Texas."

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