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Good-Bye Wade Phillips: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. Good to the last drop, hours after being fired Monday, Wade showed up at Cowboys Stadium for a previously scheduled charity event. He's a better man than me for dang sure.

9. Lose some games? Jerry Jones has been down that road. But lose gobs of TV viewers? Heads will roll. The Cowboys' loss to the Packers last Sunday night drew only a 27.8 local rating, worst of the season and down 30 percent from the season opener. Simply put, the Cowboys were losing fans.

8. Before we shed too many tears for Phillips, remember that he'll get paid through 2011. Would you take 14 paid months off, knowing that you'd have to find a new job?

7. I'll miss Wade's fluent Good Ol' Boy, but not his press conference "um"'s.

6. I'd like Wade to be my neighbor or uncle or deacon, just not by football coach. He's not tough enough to be good enough. Nice guys don't necessarily finish last, but they don't win championships either.

5. I know Wade won 60 percent of his games, two division titles and holds the only playoff win since '96. But I still think his 3.5-year Cowboys grossly underachieved.

4. Wade's high point came at the end of 2009. With a dominating defense that recorded consecutive shutouts, the Cowboys beat the undefeated Saints, won the NFC East and then whipped the Eagles in a playoff game on January 9, 2010. It was his first playoff victory. Exactly 10 months later he's fired.

3. I won't miss Wade's embarrasing apologies and twisted logic, like when the Giants beat the Cowboys in the NFC playoffs in 2007 and he defiantly responded with "we made the final eight."

2. In the end, the players that claim to love Phillips absolutely quit on him. Mr. Fix It's 3-4 defense was broken beyond repair. He had to go.

1. So long, Stumbledoofus.

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