Here's a Tip: If You Need to Outrun Johnny Law Along the Trinity Levees, Use a Dirt Bike

Came across this video posted to YouTube yesterday by the friend of the show who maintains the essential

Dallas Trinity Trails blog

. I'll let Ben describe what he captured:

Dallas County Sheriff Deputy cornering and chasing dirt bike motorcycle on the Trinity River levees near Industrial Blvd and Corinth. The dirt bike tried to flee into the woods only to find he was trapped. He rode back and forth for a minute looking for a way out. In that time, the deputy positioned his squad car blocking the road under the trestle. If it were a vehicle or quad bike the deputy would have caught him. The deputy had no chance against a dirt bike.The rider approached the car and appeared to taunt the deputy before taking off back up the levees towards downtown Dallas.

This is the north levee of the Trinity River in Dallas, Texas, at the new Santa Fe Trestle Trail trailhead. The DART rail line linking Dallas with Oak Cliff is directly overhead.

Private motorized vehicles are forbidden from driving on the levees. This is due to potential erosion issues and safety. Fines are high if you are caught.

Yeah, Schutze.

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