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Hey, it Could be Worse. Dwayne Goodrich Still Sits in Prison.

You think the current Dallas Cowboys are bumming today? Consider the plight of a former player, Dwayne Goodrich.

You remember Goodrich. Couple years back he speeds through an accident scene on I-35 and kills two Good Samaritans. Ring a bell?

Well, the good news for Goodrich is that in October he was paroled for the negligent homicide charge of his sentence. Bad news? Now he must serve part - possibly all - of the five years remaining for leaving the scene of an accident and failure to stop and render aid.

"There's no mandatory time or minimum stipulations because with this there was no deadly weapon involved," says Goodrich's Dallas-based attorney, Douglas Fletcher. "He's eligible for parole, but it's up to the discretion of the parole board."

Fletcher had hoped to get a blessing for Goodrich's early release in 2009 from the families of the victims, but it now appears the former top draft pick will remain out in Colorado City's Wallace Unit through 2010.

"Dwayne's in good shape and in good spirits," says Fletcher, who visited Goodrich last week. "Hopefully the board will see him as the model inmate that he is, he'll get a favorable review and get his release sometime this year. That's about the best we can hope for."

Somehow, 34-3 doesn't feel so bad does it?

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