Jonestown Coliseum Taking Prisoners, er, Applications


   The Dallas Cowboys have already sold 85 percent of the tickets to their new stadium in Arlington.

Go ahead, act surprised. But, deep down, did you really think Jerry Jones would have trouble selling out his new Jonestown Coliseum?

I didn't.

I went to Circuit City last week for a recorder. Going out of business and all, I figured I'd find a great deal. But across the street at Target the same recorder was $23 cheaper. The difference?

Jerry is indeed Circuit City, all cocky and over-priced and cocky. But he can afford to jack up the price on his new toy because, let's face it, our local sports scene provides no Target.

   For the last year the Cowboys have pushed season tickets to fans who signed up on a waiting list as early as 2007. Now the team is inviting you, the general public, to purchase season tickets to the new stadium in Arlington.

Available are $89-$340 per-game season tickets requiring personal seat licenses from $4,000 to $150,000. The cheapest seats - $59 per game in the upper corners - are long gone.

The general sale is the third phase. The first two, according to the team, have resulted in the sale of 51,500 club and reserved seats. In other words, less than 9,500 season tickets remain.

The Cowboys have also sold 240 of the new joint's 300 luxury suites.

Oh yeah, what economic crisis? - Richie Whitt 

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