Karl Malone and Sarah Palin Have Nothing in Common, Except This Item

A mustache-loving Friend of Unfair Park sends along this note upon his return from lunch:

I just sat near Karl Malone at Houlihan's in Addison for lunch. Trying to figure out why he's here, I came across this article about a possible comeback in Boston. With training camp ramping up, is it possible this 45-year-old is still looking for a ring? And with the Mavs?

Look, at this point he has a better chance of winning the 1984 Miss Alaksa pageant. Oh, hey, and speaking of -- segue's are my strong suit! -- have you seen this video making the rounds today? Courtesy a certain would-be veep coming to the Fairmont Hotel on Friday for a little GOP coin-gathering? Worse comes to worst, Sarah Palin could whip out her trusty flute and play for tips. --Robert Wilonsky

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