Look Who's NOT Coming to Dallas for Super Bowl XLV

After a wildly entertaining weekend of the NFL playoffs, the following will not be playing in Arlington on February 6:

*Michael Vick

*Peyton Manning

*Who Dat?!

*The Dallas-born Kansas City Chiefs

Despite intriguing story lines being buried, that was some damn skippy football. Three wins by road teams and the 7-9 Seahawks beating the defending Super Bowl champs as the largest home field underdog in NFL history.

Vick was decent in Philly's 21-16 loss to the Packers, but his throw into the end zone that was intercepted in the final minute was just greedy ... and dumb. Vick remains an elilte athlete, but his decision-making will always be questionable. And when did David Akers morph into David Buehler?

In the only game that really followed the expected blueprint, the experienced Ravens suffocated the newbie Chiefs, 30-7.

And you can say that Manning led the Colts on what should've been a game-winning drive against the Jets since Adam Viniatieri's 50-yard field goal gave them a late 16-14 lead. But with an underthrown incompletion on third-and-6 from New York's 32, Manning left time on the clock. Time for the woeful Colts' kickoff coverage unit to allow a 47-yard return by Antonio Cromartie to set up the Jets' back atcha, 17-16, game-winning field goal. And when did Nick Folk morph into Adam Vinatieri?

In the best and most shocking game of the weekend, the Seahawks outscored the Saints, 41-36. Fifth straight season, by the way, in which the Super Bowl champ hasn't won a playoff game. Game was sealed on Marshawn Lynch's dazzling 67-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter in which last season's Super Bowl hero (Saints cornerback Tracy Porter) missed a tackle and then totally gave up on the play. Lynch broke eight tackles on the play. To me it's the best run since ...

Next weekend in the AFC we get Steelers-Ravens and Jets-Patriots. Deeeelicious.

Next weekend in the NFC we get Seahawks-Bears and Packers-Falcons. Hmmm.

Super Bowl XLV kickoff in T-minus 27 days.   

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Richie Whitt
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