Man Denied Food Stamps Threatens Violence To State Workers

Despite what you might think, the Texas government doesn't just hand out food stamps to whoever holds out a hand. They're actually debit cards, not stamps, and they come with very strict guidelines. You have to live in Texas, for one, and make less than $14,079 for a single-person household. That person also must have a job or be looking for work.

All that means that some individuals who want food assistance are turned away like a certain unidentified gentleman who recently visited the Gaston Avenue office of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. The police report that followed his visit didn't mention who the man was or why he was turned away, but it did describe what he did after he left, which was send an angry email to the agency threatening violence.

"All of us are there to comply (with the) law in this country. Moreover, no one is above the law," the email said. "Recourse to violence in such a case is not an option, but a course of action imposed by the situation."

Seeing as I've just navigated the Gaston location's phone tree and been subjected to terrible Muzak for 27 minutes now, I can see where the guy's coming from. I'll take that as a "No comment," although, according to the police report, they feel the threat is real.

DPD spokeswoman Ashaki Hardeman said she didn't have any additional information on the investigation.


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