Mark Davis Says "Today is the First Day of Talk Radio." Ain't That the Truth.

Mark Davis Says "Today is the First Day of Talk Radio." Ain't That the Truth.

Not long after the networks started calling Ohio for Obama last night, but before Karl Rove tried to convince himself that Cleveland and Cincinnati were going to miraculously turn the state red, Mark Davis, the local conservative talk-radio host and Morning News contributor, dispatched the Tweet you see above.

No doubt Davis was truly distraught by this outcome. But like the guys on Fox News, Davis' inner businessman must have been bursting with heartfelt thanks for the 50-point-whatever percent of Americans who kept Obama in the White House.

When you make your living scaring people, it helps to have the scary guys in charge. Compared with the last four years, a Mitt Romney presidency would have made some seriously boring radio. Davis, who toils on 660 The Answer after leaving WBAP earlier this year, hinted at this on his show today.

"The direction has been chosen and I don't like it," he said. "Today is the first day of talk radio after voters made that choice."

He went on to say some other things, including that he felt bad for Israel, implying that Obama would watch idly as Iran bombed it. He then added that Israel would be fine because Benjamin Netenyahu would bomb Iran first.

Then, in the spirit of this year's campaign, he said something stupid about rape. He was talking about what Republicans should do if Democrats don't relent to cutting taxes. Those Republicans should say no, Davis said. That's a powerful word, he said.

"It's true on a date, it's true in governing," he added, because there really aren't enough old white dudes talking about rape these days. "No means no."

Yeah, talk radio's gonna be just fine.


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