Mavs or Stars: Who Has a Better Chance of Making Noise?

The Dallas Mavericks can clinch a playoff spot tonight. Plain and simple.

Leading the Suns by a full four games in the race for 8th in the NBA's Western Conference, if the Mavs win in Phoenix tonight they'll own a considerable - insurmountable? - gap heading into the season's final 18 games. Of course, it won't be easy.

Nothing this season - for the Mavs or your Dallas Stars - has been easy.

The Stars are currently out of the NHL's Western Conference playoffs, but only two points south of 6th place. The Mavs are just two games out of 5th, but will play tonight's key game and maybe longer without Josh Howard and his troublesome ankle.

Combine the Stars' chances of getting front-line players back from injury in the playoffs and the Mavs' post-season polluted by a potential first-round matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers, I like Dallas' hockey outlook more than its basketball.

But I ask you, beleagured Dallas sports fan: Gun to your head, which local team has the better chance of winning its championship this spring?

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