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Mixin' It Up at The Mix? Station's New Morning Man Will Broadcast From Los Angeles.

KDMX-FM (102.9, The Mix) hasn't been on my radar since ... well ... um, ever? Till about 24 minutes ago I didn't even know its format. Oh, I see: "Variety From The 90's 'Til Now," meaning Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Snow Patrol, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Colbie Caillat ... and The Verve and Shawn Colvin? Hunh. As far as Adult Contemporary stations go, it could be a whole lot worse.

But maybe it's switching formats -- that's certainly the buzz over on the Radio Info boards, where there's some question about whether it's going to Clear Channel's so-called "Gen X" format, which is less progressive (and, in most markets where it's been instituted, less successful) than the Mix's mix of AC. (Think more Dave Matthews and Counting Crows.) What prompted that chitchat was the announcement that come January 31, The Mix has a new morning man: Valentine (yes, just Valentine), who'll be so local he'll be broadcasting all the way out of ... Los Angeles. Which means, per the posters, that The Mix's jocks are all either syndicated or voice-tracked.

Asks one commenter: "With Clear Channel eliminating people from the air, do they keep all the management -- is there really a need to have a program director, music director, etc. for a station that has no staff and runs on auto-pilot?" I've left messages for Clear Channel's Dallas market manager J.D. Freeman. Why? Because local terrestrial radio still fascinates me, for some reason. Me and Hunt James.

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