More DOMAXXII Showcase News And Info Than You Can Handle. Also? Free Wristbands!

Hello, Unfair Park. It's nice to be here. Thanks for having me. Sorry to say, though, it's just a short stay--a follow-through on a promise I made yesterday to Robert, y'know. That promise? That I'd roll on through to this side of the fence for a moment to tell you a little "something-something" on this year's Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase in Deep Ellum, and that, just maybe, I'd give away some free wristbands to Saturday's 10-hour, 46-band affair.

Well, fine. I'll do just that. But, first, those added details on the DOMAXXII Showcase. For instance: Doors to the outdoor stage open at 4 p.m., with Lucero kicking things off at 4:30, followed shortly thereafter by sets from Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights (performing as an 11-piece for, I think, the very first time), The Secret Machines and The Cool Kids. Those outdoor stage events should be over by 10 o'clock, but, by that point, performances in the six indoor venues (The Door, The Prophet Bar, La Grange, Trees, The Bone and Reno's Chop Shop Saloon) will be well underway, having started at 7. The performances at the indoor venues, all of which come from bands nominated in this, our 22nd music awards, will go right up until closing time at 2 a.m.

Should be a blast. A steal, too. Nerd that I am, I did the math: The $10 wristband (available for purchase here), gets you an hour of music per dollar spent. Also: It works out to one performance for every 22 cents spent. And, oh! There's also the DOMA Download Card (see insert), which serves as a compilation of 25-plus songs from this year's nominated acts (we'll have the full list of songs up for you in a few minutes on DC9). We've only made 500 of these suckers, the first half of which will be available free-of-charge to the first 250 people to show to the outdoor stage. The rest will be available for purchase as part of a $5 bundle that also gets you a sweet DOMAXXII T-shirt.

And, fine, email me right now if you wanna get a free pair of wristbands to Saturday's affair. Just be sure to include the words "Deep Ellum Lives" in the subject line. First five people to do so win. (Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners.)

In return, I simply ask that, maybe once in a while, you come check in with things on my side of the fence. There's usually some exciting things happening--like, today, there are free concert tickets, free mp3s and news that one act with local ties had a song named as NPR's tops for the day. It's not, say, on the same level as the news that you could maybe be in a movie with Buster Bluth, but, hey, it's something.

Anyway, thanks for your time, Friends. See you Saturday?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.