Police Make Arrest in Brutal Lower Greenville Beating that Left a Dallas Attorney in a Coma

On December 6, Damien Falgoust went out for post-game drinks with his kickball teammates at the Knox Street Pub. At 1:30 a.m., he got into a cab and headed for his condo off Lower Greenville.

He never made it. An hour later he was found a couple of blocks away, unconscious and badly beaten.

CBS 11 was able to reconstruct much of Falgoust's itinerary in the last hour: After exiting the cab, he stopped by the Greenville Avenue Pizza Company, where he was reportedly kicked out for being intoxicated, then the Crown and Harp. There, he ordered a drink for himself and a woman at the bar, and then left. A member of the band that had been playing at the Crown & Harp spotted him not long after and had the bartender call 911.

What wasn't clear, to police or anyone else, was who had attacked Falgoust. Now it is. Early this morning, just after midnight, police arrested 28-year-old David Anderson in connection with the beating. He's currently in Dallas County jail on an aggravated assault charge. His bond is $25,000.

Police provided no further details about the arrest. According to Dallas County records, Anderson has previous conviction on DWI and family violence assault.

Falgoust, meanwhile, remains at Baylor hospital. According to Marisa Hettinger, a friend who was with Falgoust earlier on the night of his attack, his condition has been steadily improving after briefly taking a turn for the worse just before Christmas. He was taken out of his medically induced coma a few days later after doctors performed a tracheostomy.

"When he first woke, the only words he mouthed were words of fear of pleas for help," Hettinger wrote in an email yesterday. "He is now no longer fearful. They sat him up in bed for a few minutes today. His dad shared that he is able to stay awake for 3-4 hours a day and usually responds to prompts to smile, stick out his tongue, etc."

Hettinger said doctors won't be able to fully able to asses Falgoust's brain function until he can talk, which right now is hampered by a trach line and the last vestiges of pneumonia.

"We are still hoping Damien is able to remember the events from that evening and will be able to share them, but only time will tell," she wrote.

Update at 1:36 p.m.: The Morning News' Tanya Eiserer got a hold police records, most likely a probable cause affidavit, that gives some additional detail on the attack.

According to the records, Anderson punched Falgoust in the face, causing him to fall back and strike his head on the concrete patio. Anderson had previously announced his intentions to do this to one of the musicians playing at the Crown and Harp. It was, he said, in retaliation for an incident several months ago in which Falgoust and the friend were involved in a disturbance that landed the friend in jail.

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