Caution: Political Talk

Political Football

Not to get too politicky on you today, but a couple people have breathlessly asked me, “Didja see Palin’s speech?!”

In a word, notevenonesecond.

But I did watch Venus vs. Serena and Rafael Nadal outlast Mardy Fish at the U.S. Open. Why?

Because I’m more than a tad skeptical that American politics isn’t actually about “Country First” or “Time For a Change.” Who are we kidding? It’s about nothing more than winning. The game plan: Say what you say and nominate who you nominate not for the good of the US of A, but for the ultimate goal of getting in power and staying there.

I did peek at Sarah Palin’s resume and in no way can anyone even remotely associated with the Republican Party believe she is truly qualified to be Vice President. Now, she is by far the hottest veep candidate ever (I guess second would be Geraldine Ferraro?). Wonder if is taken? Dammit! And she just might sway enough Hilary voters to give McCain an edge over Obama. But she’s not the best candidate.

That’s why I stay tuned to sports. Because politics is so, well, political.

And since elections are just gussied-up versions of winning and losing, I’ll stick to athletes over aristocrats.

Now, if she was still 24-year-old Sarah Heath gushing over the Iditarod and the “Big 8” on Alaska TV in 1988, maybe I’d watch closer. Wait, is she cross-eyed? -- Richie Whitt

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