Radio Daze: 7.22.09

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Let's see, what went down on the dial while I was ransacking the craps table at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas?

*Weird story about Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Not that he's accused of sexual assault. That happens. The bizarre twist is that ESPN - your worldwide leader - has decided to totally ignore it. Same network that went wall-to-wall with Kobe Bryant's similar situation, the way I remember it. Something smells fishy here. ESPN head honchos in Bristol, Conn. sent out an email yesterday mandating that no one talk about Roethlisberger. The trickle-down includes 103.3 FM ESPN Radio. So ESPN won't talk about it the country's juiciest story, but it will air consecutive nights of Moutain West Conference media day. Sure, makes total sense. If ESPN isn't going to follow Roethlisberger, I'd better not hear a peep about Dirk Nowitzki's ordeal with his ex-fiancee. Or, for that matter, anyone elses.

*Speaking of ESPN, I still fully expect Michael Irvin to sign a new, reduced contract and return to the air. And I stilll fully expect Dale Hansen to walk away from the station in August. Stay tuned.

*In the continuing molding of clay at 105.3 The Fan, program director Gavin Spittle has left town for a similar job at Houston's KILT 610 AM. Sorry, Russ Martin fans, you'll have to redirect your venom down south.

*I've heard a couple of shows on Rational Radio 1360 AM featuring Richard Hunter and Greg Williams. Is it just me, or does Greggo sound like he's found a home?

*Radio rumor that I totally cannot substantiate: Cumulus, The Ticket's parent company, is in such a financial spiral that it will again force employees to take unpaid vacations before the end of the year. And, on the horizon, early contract buyout options for veterans like, oh, say, maybe a Norm Hitzges.

*As for The Ticket's on-air performance, the train rolls along. June's PPM ratings among Men 25-54 from Mon.-Fri. 6 a.m.-Midnight have The Ticket No. 1 in this market with a 7.4 share, followed by ESPN (3.0, 13th) and The Fan (1.9, 24th). The Fan, of course, has since re-shaped its lineup. (I know, I know. Pow! POW!!)

Jump for a detailed breakdown of Ticket domination ...

T: Dunham & Miller - 11.1

E: Mike & Mike - 3.3

F: Jagger - 1.4



T: Dunham & Miller - 12.4


E: Mike & Mike - 4.1


F: Jagger - 1.2



T: Dunham & Miller - 10.6


E: Mike & Mike - 3.6


F: Jagger - 2.6



T: Dunham & Miller - 10.2


F: Scott & Hill - 3.0


E: Colin Cowherd - 2.9



T: Norm Hitzges - 6.9


F: Scott & Hill - 3.0


E: Colin Cowherd - 2.7



T: Norm Hitzges - 6.8


F: Scott & Hill - 2.1


E: Michael Irvin - 2.0



T: BaD Radio - 6.5


E: Michael Irvin - 3.0


F: Salisbury & Scruggs - 1.5



T: BaD Radio - 6.7


E: Michael Irvin - 3.5


F: Salisbury & Scruggs - 1.6



T: BaD Radio - 6.1


E: Mosley & Estridge - 2.6


F: Salisbury & Scruggs - 1.1



T: Hardline - 7.8


E: Galloway & Company - 1.9


F: Ben & Skin - 1.4



T: Hardline - 9.5


E: Galloway & Company - 3.2


F: Ben & Skin - 2.2



T: Hardline - 7.2


E: Galloway & Company - 5.1


F: Ben & Skin - 1.5



T: Hardline - 6.3


E: GameNight - 2.1


F: Ben & Skin - 0.6


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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.