Richard Malouf, the Dentist Accused of Millions in Medicaid Fraud, is Building a Private Water Park

For the past year, WFAA has been digging into Richard Malouf and All Smiles Dental and Orthodontics, the chain of pediatric clinics he owns (used to own, actually) with his wife. What the station found was what appeared to be a massive case of Medicaid fraud in which he bilked the state for unnecessary procedures.

In March, he settled with the feds to the tune of $1.2 million, only to be hit with another lawsuit, this one filed by the state, three months later.

You might be wondering what Malouf has done with all the money. I mean besides spending it on the $13 million Preston Hollow estate and the private jets. Just ponder it for a second. What would a middle-aged dentist accused of massive Medicaid fraud want most in the world?

A water park, of course.

Real-estate blogger Candy Evans knows these things. She reported on it yesterday on her blog and has the architectural drawings filed with the city to prove it:

In 2011, they bought 10674 Strait Lane, the house next door, as I've told you. He debated what to do with it, as any investor would. Should he remodel and flip it, after all, they got a great price. Sell it to a home builder? Ultimately, he decided to keep the home and connect the two properties, by building a bridge crossover between the two homes which you can see from the street, with a driveway/port-cochere beneath it.

Eureka! 10674 Strait Lane would be his family's own personal sports world. Just walk there over the driveway.

It'll have a sports complex complete with a basketball gym, bowling alley and rock-climbing wall, deep pool, lazy river, and 35-foot high water slides. Being built by the guys who did Hurricane Harbor. It's under construction right now. Owen Wilson was none too happy with the noise when he was crashing with his parents a few months back, Candy tells us.

All for the greater good, though, right? Surely he will give open access to all the impoverished children on whose backs teeth he paid for the extravagance. Have a shuttle that carries them straight from the clinics. Not mentioned in the plans, but why else would one want a private water park?

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