Roy (Safety) Williams = Cut. Dallas Cowboys = Even More Hope.

Damn, maybe Jerry Jones took Channel 8's poll to heart. Either that, or the Cowboys owner is suffering from spasms of lucidity and humility.

Whatever, less than 12 hours after cutting Terrell Owens, the Cowboys have this morning released safety Roy Williams. Weird, huh? The Cowboys actually making prudent roster decisions as though their only goal is winning football games.

What a novel concept.

First, a receiver with declining skills and an inflated ego. Now, an over-the-hill player who hasn't been productive in three seasons. Both gone. Just like that.

Ssssh. Whatever you do, don't wake up Jerry.

Cutting Williams - as it was T.O. - is the right decision. But this one was a no-brainer.

When he was placed on injured reserve last October most of us knew it was the end of Williams' career.

While loyal Sportatorium reader "Scott" prepares to face the fire and pitchforks amassing at the virtual door of his Roy Williams Fan Club headquarters, let's assess the safety's Cowboys career.

Early on - his first four seasons - he was a devastating hitter, a game-changing playmaker who forced nine fumbles, had six sacks, scored three touchdowns and made four Pro Bowls. (He eventually made five, a number topped by only five Cowboys' defenders - Bob Lilly, Mel Renfro, Randy White, Cliff Harris and Chuck Howley.)

But in the last three years he failed to make a dent in any of those categories, reduced to a deteriorating role player who resorted to horse-collar tackles and got embarrassingly burned by the likes of Santana Moss and Donnie Avery, all the while shrugging off responsibility.

In the end, he's a 28-year-old, two-down defender with horrendous coverage skills scheduled to make $4 million a year. While T.O.'s release cost Dallas $9 million, Williams' departure saves $2 million under the salary cap. In other words, on legit teams with real goals of winning a playoff game, Roy Williams was more liability than asset.

Sure, we would've loved to have seen Williams traded for a late-round draft pick, anything. But the bottom line: the Cowboys' roster is improving by the hour.

Take a bow, Jerry Jones. Just don't wake up.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.