Sniper's Perch a Real Dutch Treat

So, this is the person who bought the so-called "sniper's perch" from Caruth Byrd off eBay: "r.seydel" from the Netherlands. And R. wasn't cheap with his or her bid, either: $3,001,501 is what the alleged window from the former Texas School Book Depository sold for, after more than a week's worth of bidding that shot the price from $100,000 to the small fortune.

Of course, if you read our interview with Aubrey Mayhew earlier this week, maybe you too doubt the authenticity of the perch, which, despite our best attempts, Sixth Floor Museum workers won't say anything about despite the fact it resided in the museum for 12 years accompanied by a caption that identified it as "The Original Window from the Sniper's Perch." Mayhew, who says he has the real window and frame, says he tried to contact eBay and warn them they weren't selling the Real Deal; looks like his attempts were either futile, or eBay officials believed Byrd and not Mayhew. Either way, there ya go: Byrd made a killing off the window, just like Lee Harvey Oswald. Or not. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: Wuh-oh. Not so fast. Uh...giggle?

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