Sweet Jesus, Arlington is Now the Bowling Capital of the World

As you no doubt recall, the United States Bowling Congress is moving from Wisconsin to Arlington. Should happen around November 3, says Mark Miller, spokesman for the USBC, who tells Unfair Park today that some employees with school-age kids have already made the move and gone to work in temporary facilities. But in three months' time, the USBC will break ground on its new home at 621 Six Flags Drive, in a building Raytheon abandoned about three years back. "We're right across the street from the roller coasters," Miller says.

Miller also notes the facility will include 20 lanes -- 14 for "national and international bowlers who want to come down to Arlington to train," and six more that'll be used to test balls, pins, lane oils and anything else "that will affect scoring" as regulated by the USBC. But the reason we called Miller was to ask about this Associated Press piece today concerning the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame's move from St. Louis to Arlington. "Ironically," Miller says, "that was announced two months ago, but they didn't know the date they were closing till recently, which is October." And, Miller says, the museum's relocation, which should be complete later next year, is no small thing: It'll take up 18,000 square feet in the USBC's new building, which should be open by spring 2009. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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