TCU? And this guy? In the BCS? Yep.
TCU? And this guy? In the BCS? Yep.


Don't look now, but there's finally a legit BCS buster. And, even more surprising, the team is right here in our own backyard.

Are you ready for TCU in the BCS?

For years Gary Patterson's Horned Frogs have been a power, but just not quite strong enough to win the game that propelled them into the Top 10 or, realistically, or serious water cooler talk. But at 9-0 and with a dominant win over BYU and a victory at Clemson, Fort Worth's football team has a shot - a tiny, yet realistic chance - to play in the BCS National Championship Game.

TCU is ranked No. 4, highest ever for a team without an automatic conference tie-in. The Frogs still need stumbles by a bunch of teams to possibly play Texas for the title, but they're already the biggest thing in Fort Worth since Sammy Baugh or Bob Lilly or Ladainian Tomlinson. ESPN's College GameDay crew heads to Amon Carter Stadium this weekend.

Question for Dallas sports fans ...


A) "Our" team.

B) "Their" team.

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