Ted Cruz Gets Humiliated on Camera. Again.

Maybe Sen. Ted Cruz's battle with big tech is more personal than we thought. Sure, he can wail to his heart's content about supposed anti-conservative bias on the part of Facebook, Twitter and Google. Maybe that's what he's worried about. Or maybe Cruz is looking out for No. 1 and just doing his level best to cut down on the audience that witnesses each and every time he gets humiliated on camera.

Cruz's latest video dust-up comes thanks to a impromptu chorus at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday afternoon. As Texas' junior senator wanders through the terminal with his trademark shit-eating grin, his fellow travelers hit him with a vociferous demand: "Free the children!" Cruz, hero that he is, continues to walk around, taking abuse from unhappy flyers as he sports the official uniform of traveling dads everywhere — a collared golf shirt tucked into khaki shorts. It's an impressive show from a legislator whose biggest recent contribution to fixing the United States' border crisis is floating the idea that the federal government should pay for a border wall from its yet-to-be-realized proceeds from the prosecution of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. As embarrassing as Sunday's confrontation might have been for Cruz, it's hard to imagine he wasn't prepared for it to be emotional. As surely as the Cowboys will disappoint you at the worst possible time, Cruz gets caught in a painfully awkward situation on video at least a couple of times a year.

He's been chased out of a restaurant in the Washington, D.C., area during U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation battle, caught being rebuffed by his daughter as he went in for a kiss and spotted punching his wife in the face during a campaign event. One time, he punched, then elbowed his wife in the head at a campaign stop. Who could forget the time he ate a booger off of his lip, right in the middle of a debate, or the time he terrified a little girl by saying the world was on fire? Then there are the self-owns. Cruz played in the world's worst basketball game with Jimmy Kimmel, when that was totally a thing he didn't have to do. He also didn't have to cook bacon on the barrel of a machine gun.
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