The Best Reason Ever to TiVo Top Chef

What are you gonna do tonight? Watch Top Chef, and see if that lady from a restaurant you can't afford to eat at wins some stuff? Puh-shaw, I say to you. Get thee to the Addison Improv, where Noted Regional Comedian Dave Little will be performing his one-man show.

It boils down to this (badumchssshh!): You can watch Chef Lady cook some stuff you can't eat far, far away, or you can watch Dave Little tell jokes, recite monologues and sing songs live and in-person. The man does improv, he records music, he performs stand-up. He's on the Ticket, he's in the Section 8 comedy troupe, he's buying your mom a nice seafood dinner. He's like comedy MacGyver. Honestly, he can probably make a better Fancy Whatsit Flambe than Chef Lady, anyway.

Little will be taping the show for his upcoming DVD, so it helps if you buy tickets now and get there early. --Andrea Grimes

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