The Curious Case of a Country Club's Coin That Went from Dallas to England and Back Again

Fascinatingish little story this morning in the Northumberland Gazette concerning a rare coin and a faraway country club -- the Lakewood Country Club, to be a wee bit more specific. A hospice in Northumberland was sifting through some coins donated for a fund-raising auction when it discovered a particularly odd offering -- a 72-year-old Chicago-struck coin featuring "a goat staring at a golf ball while the players look on."

The folks from HospiceCare North Northumberland contacted the Lakewood Country Club, who discovered, yup, it was theirs all right, and the LCC would up buying the trinket for about $100 on an eBay auction. Says LCC president Gerard Whelan, "I have ... given thought to potentially having new coins made to distribute to the membership in honour of the centennial," which is 2012. "We also have discussed using the coin as a model for bag tags to be attached to members and guests' golf bags." That's how you make some coin.

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