The Heat's Clearly Gotten to KTVT-Channel 11's Mike Burger, Who Announces His Adios

In the annals of local meteorological-teevee history, Mike Burger never achieved the renown of, say, a Harold Taft. Or Troy Dungan. Or David Finfrock. Or Rebecca Miller, even. Still. He's had two swims through Dallas -- first in 1989, when he went to work at KDFW-Channel 4 (a stint that lasted seven years), then again beginning in 2000, when he returned from Orlando and landed at KTVT-Channel 11, for whom he's done solid work. But that all ends September 4: KTVT's Lori Conrad just sent word that the Iowa native's calling it a career on that date, putting the bow on a 40-year career.

Says Burger -- who, little-known fact, was on the board of the Country Music Hall of Fame -- in the press release that just arrived in the Unfair Park in-box: "To say I have been a lucky man is an understatement. To say the good Lord smiled down on me is a fact. To say I will always hold dear the memories of my friends, co-workers, and viewers for their support is a cherished truth." Amen, brutha.


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