The MS-13 Gang is on a Rampage at a Forest Lane Apartment Complex. No Golf Cart Is Safe.

The Indigo on Forest is, per its website, a wonderful community located in "prestigious North Dallas" that still manages to offer apartments at the low, low price of $440 per month.

It would be almost idyllic if it weren't for the contingent of MS-13, a.k.a. Mara Salvatrucha, a.k.a. the brutal Latin American gang founded in L.A.'s Salvadoran neighborhoods in the 80s before spreading throughout the United States and Central America. The gang, residents tell police, is active in the complex, as is a rival gang. (More than 500 DPD police reports have been filed at the property since 2005 for robbery, assault, theft, burglary, criminal mischief, you name it, but none explicitly tied to gangs).

On the evening of September 27, police were called to the complex to investigate a hangup 911 call. A security guard with Statewide Patrol showed up in his golf cart to help officers find the apartment the call had come from.

The police report from the incident doesn't mention if they found who had made the call. It does, however, tell what happened to the golf cart: While the security guard was away, a group of Hispanic men smashed the hell out of it with baseball bats then tore out the wiring from the undercarriage.

Neighbors told police that the men with the baseball bats were members of MS-13 who had been making trouble in the complex for a while. An Indigo representative said at the time she was unaware of the golf cart incident or the gang presence.

The security guard's golf cart wasn't the last victim. Early Thursday morning, someone destroyed two more golf carts, these belonging to Indigo. There are no reports as yet of the violence escalating to include scooters or Smart Cars, but it's probably only a matter of time.

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Eric Nicholson
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