There's a Rally against Police Violence in Dallas Tonight

In the wake of violent clashes in Ferguson, Missouri, a candlelight vigil has been planned for the Continental Deck Park tonight at 6 p.m. As part of what's being called a "National Moment of Silence," attendees will observe a moment of silence, then be given the chance to speak out about police brutality, says the event's Dallas organizer, Ebony Isaac.

"At 6:20 everybody does the moment of silence, and then if people want to speak, I wanted to give anybody who wanted to speak a chance to speak."

Isaac is a underwriter's assistant and part-time bartender, not an activist. She's organizing the event because she's been touched by the use, or overuse, of force by the police personally.

"My brother's arm was broken in 2008 for being a pedestrian in a walkway," she says. The officer is still on the force, and Isaac says she still sees him from time to time.

As the idea for the National Moment of Silence gained steam on Twitter, Isaac looked for a Dallas event. When none was forthcoming, she took on local organizing herself.

"There was no point in continuing to wait and sit idly waiting for someone else to do it," she says. "I just took it upon myself to make sure that Dallas could have somewhere to come and gather."

The event is not affiliated with an Anonymous push for what they're calling "Day of Rage" rallies, which are also scheduled to be hosted around the country today. Isaac stressed that tonight's event is intended to be peaceful and that she doesn't expect any conflict with DPD. Police officials have not returned calls for comment.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.