This Week, Plan Commission to Hear How Folks Feel About Lower Greenville Ordinance

For the past several months, Angela Hunt and Pauline Medrano have been touting the proposed ordinance that would turn a huge swath of Lower Greenville Avenue into a so-called Planned Development District. Among the requirements contained within the ordinance: Any venue hoping to stay open past midnight, including restaurants and retail, will need a specific use permit in order to keep doors open; they'll be considered "late-hours establishments." Which doesn't sit well with some restaurant owners.

The City Plan Commission will take up the proposal Thursday afternoon; folks pro and con the ordinance are expected to turn out in force. On the other side are all the docs prepared for the meeting, including city staff's analysis of the proposal. Says staff, what Hunt and Medrano are proposing, and what the CPC's considering before it goes to council next year, is consistent with earlier look-sees at Lower Greenville:

Studies conducted in the area include the Lower Greenville Avenue Parking Study (1986) that recommended that "the City enforce premise code violations as it does in other parts of the City of Dallas". Code Enforcement was also an issue highlighted in the Greenville Avenue Urban Design Study (1996-1997). It was recommended that "initiatives be taken to conduct a comprehensive sweep to clean-up the Greenville Avenue corridor and there after enforce codes with the assistance of property owners, residents, businesses and operations to maintain the property and report violations to the City for follow-up action." Recommendations from both studies are still applicable today and consistent with authorized hearing SUP recommendations to address quality of life for adjacent residential neighborhoods and the Lowest Greenville Avenue corridor, respectively.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.