Trade Ya: Top 10 Movie Lists for Free DVDs

Forthcoming later today is this year's Unfair Park holiday-season auction benefiting North Texas Food Bank, which features not one by several one-of-a-kind, locally produced items. But while we wrap up this year's goodies, first this giveaway.

Yesterday I posted the Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association's tops-of-2009 list. But what say you about the year's best movies? I ask only because I've got a stack of titles to dole out to the Friends of Unfair Park -- nine DVDs all told, including Star Trek, Bruno, Food, Inc., Valentino: The Last Emperor, the 70th anniversary Gone With the Wind double-disc set, the 50th anniversary North by Northwest special edition, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, Robert Rodriguez's Shorts (the kid loves this) and Heroes Season 3. And I'm throwing in a Glee: The Music, Volume 1 disc -- the one featuring Lake Highlands boy Mark Salling's rendition of "Sweet Caroline" -- to round up the number to an even 10.

I was going to give away the whole stack all at once, but I've decided to divvy it up one at a time -- to spread around the holiday cheer, dig? So, here's the rules. Post your year-end Top 10 favorite movies. Those who cook up the most creative, thoughtful and original lists, as chosen by yours truly, will win a free DVD, which you'll have to come down to Unfair Park HQ to pick up. (Do leave your real e-mail address when you post, thanks, along which title(s) you'd like -- but no guarantees). Competition closes at 5 p.m. today. And ... go.

Update at 4:48 p.m.: Contest closes shortly -- let's say 5:10 p.m. That's because I just procured more discs, including a second Food, Inc., so I will expand the list of winners. The new titles: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Inglorious Basterds, Orphan and Trick r Treat. My many thanks to Jennifer and Cynthia in our promo department.

Update at 6:22 p.m.: In the comments, you'll find the list of winners with corresponding titles. I had some extra DVDs lying around, on top of the added titles earlier, so I think we hit 19? Hell, maybe we can cover everyone who played when the promo department opens back up in the a.m. Thanks to all for playing.


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