Veterans Day, Meet Texas High School Football Veterans Week

On Veterans Day we stop -- if only for a minute -- to thank all those who have served in our military and fought to provide us the freedom to do things like vote, drink beer, sleep in if we want and, of course, blog insanely and/or sharply and anonymously criticize those who blog...



So hit your snooze button until noon, cast a ballot, slam a sixer and let's hop to it.

I love me some Texas high-school football. Nothing like a tiny town morphing into a big crowd at the rickety old stadium on a Friday night where the freaks and geeks and preps and goat ropers all set aside their differences and cheer for kids who play for the love of the sport.

That said, I'm sorta embarrassed that America's best football state allows into its playoffs teams with 2-8 records. In fact, along with 2-8 Tyler Lee and Lubbock Monterrey there are eight teams in the Division I playoffs with losing records.

Two and Eight?! If the Cowboys were a Class 5A school they'd still have hope.

Still, Texas high school football is to be cherished. And honored. And so it will be during Super Bowl XLV week.

On display in Fort Worth's Sundance Square during Super Bowl week will be a metal "Cradle of Champions" legacy monument designed by Gerdau Ameristeel. The structure will feature -- with the help of Texas high schools -- the names of every Lone Star-bred player who went on to play in the NFL, including the likes of Earl Campbell (Tyler), Tim Brown (Woodrow Wilson) and Matthew Stafford (Highland Park).

The structure's steel will be a comination of materials collected from Texas schools and from the rubble of the recently imploded Texas Stadium.

"The great state of Texas has long been a national 'cradle' in developing some of history's greatest professional football players," says Fort Worth mayor Mike Moncrief. "With this season's big game being played here in North Texas, there is no better time to honor and celebrate the achievements of our home-grown football stars."

School are encouraged to send the names of their alumni that played in the NFL and/or scraps of steels to be included in the monument right here.

Deadline is November 30. Participation -- thank you again, vets -- is free.

Cool. Very cool.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.