Vice Went Undercover at a Dallas Crisis Pregnancy Center

Vice magazine posted a video expose of crisis pregnancy centers to its YouTube channel earlier this week. Beyond the standard stuff -- like anti-abortion activists admitting that the best crisis centers are ones that women think are abortion clinics -- the video includes undercover footage from White Rose Women's Center.

The center is on Routh Street, separated from the Routh Street Women's Health Clinic -- an actual abortion provider -- by a fence. As seen in Vice's report, women calling the center asking about abortion are misled. Prices and services provided can only be discussed, a White Rose employee says, if a woman visits White Rose in person.

Once there, women are shown a video called "Education on Abortion" that provides nothing of the sort and given a sonogram, during which they are informed how much they need God in their life.

Routh Street Women's Clinic is not an ambulatory surgical center, so if, as expected, the final provision of House Bill 2 becomes effective, it will close. White Rose, along with about 90 additional pretend health "clinics," will remain open.

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