What's In My Closet? Horrible Ideas Edition

Was just over on Unfair Park reading Schutze's take on the latest missle fired into the hull of the Trinity River Toll Road Waste Of Time Project.

From the city that gave us the CueCat, plastic dividers on HOV lanes and P.C. Cobb Stadium downgraded into an InfoMart, this might be our dumbest idea ever. After 11 years, now we're saddled with another 20-month, $29 million delay. Brilliant!

Got me to thinking. And scrounging.

What are some of the other worst ideas in Dallas history? Particularly, ya know, pertaining to sports.

Lookie what I found ...

3. Agreeing to a visit from a certain President.


2. The Three J's.


1. Chan Ho Park.


Not pictured:

*Letting the Cowboys leave for Irving in the 1960s.

*Letting the Cowboys move to Arlington in the 2000s.

*Devin Harris for Jason Kidd.

*Leon Lett's premature celebration.

*Pacman Jones.

*FC Dallas moving to Frisco.

*2-0 parade plans.

*Quinn Buckner.

*Sean Avery.

*$50 million Cotton Bowl renovation.

*John Hart.

*Shawn Bradley.

*Letting Steve Nash walk.

*Sammy Sosa for Harold Baines.

*Greg Ellis over Randy Moss.

*Detlef Schrempf over Karl Malone.

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