What's In My Closet? Jackass Edition

I did go 10 days without food and I'm committed to finishing this on December 13. But there was a time when I was a real, live thrill-seeker.

Found some evidence recently.

I wasn't insane in a Johnny Knoxville way or a one-on-one interview with Charles Haley sorta way, but as in "Hey, that looks fun. Think I'll try it."

Ah, youth (i.e. ignorance/naivete/immaturity). Ain't Wasn't it grand?

Jump to see me, well, jump ...


3. Really now, is there a more romantic way to spend your honeymoon than working the Trapeze bars in Mexico in '02?


2. When Jimmy Johnson took his Cowboys to Barton Springs in Austin one day at training camp in '93, I decided to bungee jump over the rapids in New Braunfels.


1. And to think, skydiving wasn't a lost bet payoff, but rather a Father's Day '03 present. And, for the record, it's only about half as terrifying as bungee jumping. (Editor's note: That photo looks way gayer than I remember.)

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