Whitt's End: 5.20.11

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*Darren Oliver (1-5) gets yet another loss. And that's two blown saves for Feliz on consecutive nights after 19 straight closes.

*Durant's dunk: Awesometown. Peja's expression: Priceless.

*Watched cyclist Tyler Hamilton snitching on Lance Armstrong in the 60 Minutes clip. Not buying it. He's a two-time drug loser with darting eyes, wordy answers to simple questions and jealousy as a motive. Armstrong's Tweetort: I've taken 500 drug tests and never failed. Still, I'd like for Lance to come out and say emphatically that Tyler is lying instead of merely reminding us he's never failed a test. Stubbornly, I'm buying this until the day Armstrong confesses that his Livestrong is a Liestrong.

*Time for a radio ratings update. Nothing really new. The Ticket's dynasty rolls on and The Fan is still third in a three-horse race. For April in the target demo of Men 25-54, The Ticket had a 5.2, followed by ESPN at 3.5 and Fan at 2.4. Those numbers haven't wavered much the last three months, other than ESPN's Maverick boost in April (up from 2.6 in March). Some of you/us are particularly interested in afternoon drive. Hardline remains the kings, going 6.8/6.2/6.5 in Feb/March/April. Galloway went 3.4/3.2/3.4 and some dorks called RAGE struggling along at 2.8/2.2/2.7. When Burger King finishes third behind McDonald's and Wendy's they keep trying to improve their product and better cater to customers, they don't suddenly trash burgers and fries and start serving quiche and flan. Nonetheless, commence ridiculous commenters' predictions of The Fan flipping formats by sundown in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...



*Old SMU '80s quarterback Mike Ford went back to school and got his degree. Bravo.

*Knew Mark Cuban's golden silence was too good to be true. But at least he's not taking his complaints about the refs to the media. Yet.

*Wait, while we were fixating on the NBA/Mavs did Mike Modano play his final NHL game?

*Didn't get any results from last night's charity basketball game between old and new Cowboys at Trinity High School, but apparently there's another game next Wednesday in Coppell. Or did last night's game simply get pushed back a week because of Ron Springs' funeral, etc.?

*You really gonna vote for a Presidential candidate whose ring tone is ABBA's "Dancing Queen"? I think not. Common > ABBA.

*Facing Halladay/Lee/Oswalt with NL rules, the Rangers snagging one win this weekend in Philly would be a success. Right?

*Of all the ways to die, having a rope tied around your neck and being dragged behind the bumper of a car is up there with the worst.

*Speaking of death: Reminder, If Harold Camping is right and tomorrow, May 21 is indeed doomsday this will be my final Whitt's End. In other words, see ya next week.

*This weekend? Umbrella in hand, I'm taking in some Colonial golf today in Fort Worth. Tomorrow we're driving up to OKC for Mavs-Thunder Game 3 Saturday night and Game 4 Monday night. If you spot the RAGE SUV adorned by a couple ugly mugs on I-35, don't be a stranger.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.