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Who Will Buy Their Memories of a 1936 Trip to the Texas Centennial Exposition?

Every now and then Friend of Unfair Park PeterK will send me the head-up that someone's selling on eBay photos from the '36 Texas Centennial Exposition at Fair Park. Till now, the best set so far was a collection of John Sirigo originals, which started out at $9.99 and, turns out, went to a Friend of Unfair Park for close to $150. But today's discovery is a most estimable prize awaiting the highest bidder: this photo album documenting one couple's trip through Texas in '36, which included stopovers not only at the the Centennial Expo but also Fort Worth (during a fashion convention, no less), San Antonio and points between.

And as you can see from the sample above, it's not just a collection of random photos -- more than 75! -- but a lovingly detailed assortment accompanied by hand-written captions. Starting price is $24.99. Race ya.

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