Yet Again, DPD's Arrested One Of Its Own

One week ago today the Dallas Police Department sent word that it had fired three officers -- one of whom, Lavar Horne, was also arrested last week for having kept a handgun and tossed some weed seized during a traffic stop. Well, the DPD just sent word that it's arrested yet another officer: Victor Esparza, who's been with the department since April '09 and is presently assigned to the Southwest Patrol Division.

Says the DPD, Esparza was taken into custody today "for Family Violence Assault, a class A misdemeanor, and Family Violence Endangering a Child, a State Jail Felony." The department doesn't offer details, only that the arrest "stemmed from an incident that occurred on July 4, 2011." Esparza's on administrative leave during the investigation into the criminal charges, and the Internal Affairs Division will also conduct its own look-see into the events leading up to the officer's arrest.


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