Your Dallas Cowboys Are Now Hawking Half-Price Luxury Suites on LivingSocial

The Cowboys' victory over the Eagles yesterday means the team, even at 4-5, still has a realistic shot at the playoffs. That's the good news. The bad news is that this was only one game against a terrible team, which does little to dispel the notion that the Cowboys are just as bad as they've seemed in every game since Week 2.

The mood among the fans remains in a tailspin, and a win over the Browns won't help, due to the Browns being the Browns. TV ratings are down. The team's sending emails reminding fans to cheer. Season ticket holders are obviously off-loading their seats to out-of-town fans.

And what of the big shots, the ones who come to be pampered in the VIP suites?

Perhaps this LivingSocial deal offers a hint. The franchise is offering up a 20-person VIP luxury suite for the December 23 match-up against the New Orleans Saints, plus $1,500 in food and non-alcoholic drinks, for the low, low price of $12,000. For those of you who don't typically price luxury suites, that's 60 percent off the normal $30,000 price tag.

This, of course, could be a solid business move by Jerry Jones, who inked a deal between LivingSocial and Cowboys Stadium earlier this year. Or it could be a way to fill empty luxury suites. Either way, if you feel about 40 percent Very Important, now's your chance to live it up. If things go as God intends -- He's got an unobstructed view of things, so He should be able to execute -- you'll witness a win over the Saints, pushing the 'Boys to 8-7, in perfect position to Dez away a playoff spot the following week against the Redskins.

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