Your First Good Look at the New-Look Reunion Tower, or: Christmastime is Here? Almost.


we were downtown in the wee small hours of this morning

, I noticed that Reunion Tower's lights looked a little ... strange. But I didn't think much of it; there were other, you know,


. Thankfully,

the great Justin Terveen

, who'd come out to shoot photos, also noticed it. Says he: "They've been testing patches and very subtle color changes (a reddish hue) over the past few days, but last night was the first time I've seen it in action. And given the time and duration it was run, I can't help but wonder if I didn't catch a test of the system."

He shot this terrific little time-lapse of the Reunion's new LED rainbow connection. I know you can spare the, what, 10 seconds? I dunno -- I always thought the white lights were so tasteful. But between this and the Omni and the Chase's new blue hue, downtown's looking awful Vegas-y these days. And just wait till Big Bob Jeffress turns on his Holy Water Fountain.

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