Yucatan, Service Bar's Hearing Canceled As City, Clubs Agree on Temporary Arrangement

Several Friends of Unfair Park have asked if we're planning on covering this morning's scheduled hearing concerning Yucatan and Service Bar's lawsuit over the Greenville Avenue Planned Development District ordinance. As you're well aware by now, City Code now dictates that in order for Lower Greenville businesses to stay open past midnight, they need to get a new late-hours specific use permit and certificate of occupancy -- neither of which Yucatan or Service Bar have after the City Plan Commission and the city council denied the SUPs. The clubs filed suit against the city the day the ordinance went into effect, with the judge granting them a temporary restraining order and a court date set for 9 this morning.

Well, yes, we were planning on being at the George Allen this morning. But a peek at the case jacket this morning reveals the hearing's been canceled thanks to an agreement between the City Attorney's Office and the clubs. A letter from attorney Craig Shiels to Assistant City Attorney Melissa Miles filed Friday, which follows, says that per the deal, "The City will continue to be temporarily restrained from preventing Service Bar and Yucatan from operating during their normal business hours, including from midnight to 2:15 a.m," and that the hearing's been removed from the court docket pending the judge's ruling on the TRO. Everything's been delayed till at least October 17.


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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.