7-11's Hot Dog Potato Chips Taste Shockingly Hot Doggy

7-Eleven has a storied tradition of attempting foods that taste like other foods rather than just making the foods themselves edible. But this time around, your favorite gas station-grocery-movie-rental store hit a grand slam in synthetic flavor simulation.

That's right: I tried 7 Select Big Bite Hot Dog Flavored Potato Chips, and I lived to tell of it.

Get some on your next Slurpee run. Pull open the green foil bag, take a deep breath, and note scents of smoked paprika and vinegar. Pull out a ruffled chip and admire its crisp texture and golden color, flecked with tomato powder and salt. The chips start with notes of acid that surprisingly invoke yellow mustard when juxtaposed with turmeric and paprika. The flavors combine to mimic a meaty nitrite laden hot dog flavor that finishes with subtle hints of lips and assholes.

I tried a bag alongside a regular 7-Eleven hot dog laced with mustard. I feel confident in reporting that the chips tasted more like a hot dog than the hot dog itself.

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