AFI: Chimayo Market Corn at Blue Mesa Grill

Chimayo Market Corn Demonstrated by Cosme Alcantar of Blue Mesa Grill

During the months of May and June, Blue Mesa Grill has been celebrating seasonal fruits and vegetables by hosting the Corn and Peach Festival. The Southwestern-inspired restaurant chose two local farms, Larken and Cooper, to provide the corn and peaches for its special menu featuring dishes such as the corn nut-tamarind pork loin with peach-habanero salsa, corn and tomatillo fritters, and peach cobbler with Bertos peach ice cream. And of course, a festival wouldn't be complete without an adult beverage: Blue Mesa also concocted a peach and muddled blueberry margarita for the special event.

We decided to join in on the fun before it ended by having executive chef Cosme Alcantar feature one of his favorite corn or peach dishes for our weekly Appetite for Instruction. Chef Alcantar decided to go with Blue Mesa's recipe of the month, the Chimayo Market Corn. If you visit the restaurant's website, then you will notice every month it features a dish and drink recipe for guests to attempt to prepare at home. If you'd rather dine in and try it, then Blue Mesa Grill will prepare the Chimayo Market Corn table side for your enjoyment. For now, here's the recipe demonstration with photos of the spicy corn recipe.

Ingredients: Fresh corn on the cob Chipotle-ancho mayo Chile mix ½ cup grated cotija cheese

Chipotle-Ancho Mayo Ingredients: 2 cups mayonnaise 1 TBSP chipotle puree (blend a small can of chipotles until pureed) 1 tsp ancho chile powder 1 pinch black pepper

Chile Mix Ingredients: 1 TBSP chile powder 1 TBSP paprika 1 tsp kosher salt ½ tsp black pepper

Step 1: Cook fresh corn on the cob for 7-10 minutes until the corn is done (you can grill, steam, or boil it). Then brush warm corn with the chipotle-ancho mayo.

Step 2: Roll corn in grated cotija cheese, making sure it's well coated.

Step 3: Sprinkle the chile mix over the corn and serve. Chef Alcantar suggests either eating it on the cob or shaving off the kernels into a bowl.

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