An Ode To (And Recipe For)
The Humble Green Bean Casserole

(Editors's note: We asked some of our regular contributors to write odes to their favorite Thanksgiving dishes. "In verse," some asked. "If you like, sure. Why not?" Here's the first answer to that question.)

Ode To The Humble Green Bean Casserole

Two cans green beans, one cream o' mushroom soup
With milk and lots of French's fried onions
Pour into a cass'role dish this gloop
And at three-fifty you can set your ovens.

In twenty-five wee minutes it should bubble
Remove it, top it with more French's crumbs
And back into the heat till golden-brown.
So tasty, and worth far more than the trouble.
Li'l wonder it's a fave of working mums.
Thanksgiving without this would make me frown.

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Jesse Hughey
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